Nutrition Perfected By Nature

Paleo And Keto Friendly

One Ingredient

A Whole World Of Benefits

Care About the environment?

Good for you. So do we. Crickets are super sustainable.


•100% Natural
•100% Nutrient Rich
•100% Sustainable
•No Nasties
•No Gluten
•No Lactose and No added sugar

Paleo and Keto Friendly

Nutrition Perfect By Nature

Paradox Protein is the new 100% clean and natural superfood that sets the new benchmark for highly nutritious, sustainably sourced, natural proteins and supplements.

The new and sustainable way to get clean proteins and excellent nutrition without the need for dairy products, animals or fish!

•Do you want a complete protein that contains all 9 amino acids (BCCA protein) that’s 100% natural and not sourced from animals?
•Are you looking for a source of iron that's easy to absorb and doesn't give you constipation?
•Need to find an excellent source of calcium that's non-dairy?
•Do you need a great source of omega 3's that doesn't come from fish?
•Are you looking for an all-natural 100% sustainable range of proteins and supplements to give you your diet the nutrient boost it needs?

Then you need crickets in your life! Quite simply, crickets are a superfood like no other...
Crickets proved some of the most nutritionally dense protein on the planet - Naturally!