Sustain Cricket Powder 1/2 Lb


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Our Crickets are raised here in North America. We grow our insects using a healthy non GMO diet. The crickets are slow roasted to retain a great taste and texture and then Freeze Dried to seal in the quality, then finely ground into a fine powder.  Our crickets are bred, raised and packaged in our Facilities in Georgia.

Our cricket powder is a great way to incorporate nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron, B12, B6, Omega-3s, Omega-6s, and BCAAs into your diet.

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  • More Iron than Spinach
  • More Calcium than Milk
  • Double the Protein vs. Beef
  • More B12 than Salmon or Beef
  • 9x More Omega's than Wild Salmon



  • Grow 13x Faster
  • Drink 2000x Less Water
  • Consume 12x Less Feed
  • Require 2000x Less Land 
  • Emit 100x Less Greenhouse Gases

*vs. beef